Thank you Star Confinement

Thank you Star Confinement for introducing Nanny Yvonne Tiew, a very polite and humble nanny, to me.

I can see that Yvonne is very experienced and patient when handling my baby. She will talk and engage with my baby whenever she is awake. I feel safe leaving my baby with her. I can have a good rest during my confinement period that helps in my recovery after my cesarean.

Throughout the day and even in the middle of the night, she will feed my baby on time although she did not cry for milk. The reason is she needs her to poop more to lower the jaundice level. After my baby jaundice level has stabled, she discussed with me if I would like to drag baby’s milk time at night, which means she will only feed her when she cried for milk at night. She hopes that baby could differentiate day and night so that it will be easier for me to take care of my baby after she has left. During the confinement period, I appreciate that she will communicate with me and we have a pleasant time staying together.

The best is… her cooking skills! My hubby and myself enjoy the confinement food she prepared for us =D I had really good appetite and drank many bowls of soup and bottles of red date drink that helps to increase my milk supply.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude towards Yvonne for taking good care of me and baby during this period. THANK YOU!

Shannie Chia

It was really a great experience with Star Confinement

It was really a great experience with Star Confinement. Winnie, the agent, was very quick to respond, and helped us find a nanny within the same day.

We were very pleased and blessed to have Celine as our nanny. She treated our baby like her own, ad was able to calm the baby within minutes. She also cooked delicious meals for my wife and I. Plus she ensured that the kitchen was cleaned thoroughly after each meal. We have nothing but compliments for Celine. She was truly professional, and always put the safety of the baby first.

We really do not want Celine to leave as she has been such a great help!

Chen Yan Yu

I highly recommend Star confinement

I highly recommend star confinement. The service was good, the agent responded swiftly, and I was so fortunate to get such a good nanny, Wong Hon Lean. She is incredibly experienced and responsible. I didn’t have to worry about my baby at all because she took such good care of him!! Not just the baby, she also made sure I was well taken care of. She is also very easy going, and got along well with everyone and anyone. She’s also great in the kitchen. She whipped up so many delicious meals. The meals were not those ordinary or typical confinement food. She was really creative and cooked many modern meals such as chicken cutlet. I’m going to miss her handmade ban mian so much! Extremely satisfied with my nanny. She exceeded my expectations. Giving her 11 out of 10 points!

Rachelle Lee

Her cooking was delicious and nutritious

Definitely made the right choice choosing Star Confinement to help me throughout my confinement month. Begin with Winnie, she was really friendly, easy to talk to and very efficient at replying all my enquiries. Next, our confinement nanny Aunty Amy Voon (ST10) was superb! Her cooking was delicious and nutritious. She also took into consideration my surgical wound when preparing the dishes. In addition to that, she took care of our baby very well and this put us at ease all the time! Would highly recommend Star Confinement and Aunty Amy herself!

Yu Ling

Confinement meals are yummy

Thanks to aunty Chris for taking good care of baby and my family. Confinement meals are yummy. She is also very experienced and patient to baby.

Thanks to Winnie for being so responsive and effective.

Keesiang Tee

Excellent work

We would like to express our deep appreciation to our confinement nanny Selly Bun lie fong the excellent work she had done during the past one month.

Selly 姐cooked delicious confinement food, took night shift and kept high hygiene standards, all the efforts are to make sure mummy’s sufficient rest and baby’s growth.

We would not be hesitated to recommend Selly 姐to other families and friends when considering a good and warm hearted confinement nanny.

Thanks again Selly 姐for your good job. Take good care!❤️

Yetty Daun

She really did such an awesome job!

We are very thankful for Auntie Fan Ching Ying for taking care of our baby and me! She really did such an awesome job! She made my confinement an enjoyable one. Auntie is very responsible, encouraging, patient and efficient. She is very approachable too! She would share baby tips with me. And patiently answer all my questions. I’ve learnt alot from her. Auntie takes really good care of our little one. With her around, I felt so at ease leaving my little one under her care. Auntie cooks really well too!!! Always looking forward to her delicious meals! She would cook to my preferences. Making sure the food suits me. I would highly recommend Auntie Ching Ying! She is such an awesome nanny! And also thank you Winnie for the arrangement! Thumbs up !👍👍

Ruth El

She has taken good care of our NB baby and cooked delicious food

We are very grateful to have 王姐 as our confinement nanny. She has taken good care of our NB baby and cooked delicious food for us. She’s very patient and nice, she always shared her precious experiences with us on how to look after the baby. We will definitely miss her and her cookings. 😊 Strongly recommend her and Star confinement to all.

April Xm Xu

We would highly recommend her services to others

Thanks to Long Long auntie for her loving care of our newborn Jordan. She has been very professional and takes care of Jordan very well. We would highly recommend her services to others.

Jackson Oh

Her cooking is superb

Very thankful that Winnie managed to arrange a confinement nanny for us in the interim before Auntie Maria came, as our baby arrived early. Auntie Maria has been a great help during this period of confinement. Her cooking is superb, and she has shared useful tips on how to care for our baby. Auntie Maria has also been caring towards our elder daughter, preparing dishes that she will eat and putting much thought into how it is cooked for her. We also really appreciate that Auntie Maria is organised and neat.

Bernadette Chan

Very experienced and professional

We are very grateful to have 兰姐 as our nanny when we become first-time parents. She is very experienced and professional, she took great care of both the baby and mammy, cook nutritious and delicious food. Most importantly, her great patience to the baby is what impressed us most. Thank you 兰姐!

Xiao Zhekai

She’s very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable

Many thanks to Auntie Jenny who made my confinement period so wonderful. She’s very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and definitely knows whats she is doing when taking care of our precious one. She is also a great cook, whipping up restaurant grade food with whatever materials we have at food. She listens and cooks to my preference. She’s always making sure both mummy and baby and even daddy is fed well and well rested. Highly recommended! Will
definitely miss her meals very much!!! — with 郑凝萱.

Weiling Chow

Cheerful personality! Great cook!

Thanks STAR for arranging Wendy姐 to us. Cheerful personality! Great cook! Meticulous towards our baby girl and take good care of my wife! Very knowledgeable and always shares parenting skills with us. Keep our house clean and tidy. We are relieved and thankful to have her and definitely will look for her again when our second little one comes! Last but not least thank you Winnie for rendering prompt service!

Lawrence Lee

Competent and knowledgeable

Yeik Ching (ST164) was very competent and knowledgeable regarding all aspects of confinement and newborn care. She was also immensely patient and understanding since we are first time parents. Her dishes were delicious and appetizing. We had a great confinement experience and 100% would recommend!

Janice Wong

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