A new baby is a wonderful gift, but also brings on an exhausting and sometimes very stressful time. A new parent who has someone there to help maximize their sleep, answer their questions and generally provide emotional support is more able to relax and enjoy their new baby, actually allowing them to be more “present” for the bonding process. A parent with other children in the home is juggling their needs as well, including helping them adjust (without resentment) to the newest addition. Being available to nurture the bonds with their other children during the day without having support and rest at night can quickly become a significant challenge.

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What our Happy Parents Say

  • I would like to express my gratitude to Star Confinement Agency for arranging Aunty Evelyn as our confinement nanny. Aunty Evelyn’s knowledge in this industry is commendable and often, she did extra tasks out of her own initiative, sometimes even beyond her call of duty. Her cooking skills are good and she has the ability to whip up a huge variety of nutritious dishes. In short, she is very experienced and knows how to better take care of newborn while at the same time, sharing her vast knowledge with us. Thanks for everything again, Aunty Evelyn.
    ‎Tan Kok Kheong‎
  • Thanks you for introducing Feng-Jie to me! I’m very pleased with her services during my 28 days of confinement!

    She’s very experienced nanny who really took good care of the baby and myself. She lets me rest as much as possible in the day time and cooked delicious confinement food! Not only that, she’s very supportive of breastfeeding and very hygienic!

    I would definitely recommend Feng-Jie to any mummies for confinement!

    ‎Katherine Chong Siong Ling
  • 我要感谢Star Confinement给我找了这么好的月嫂阿姨:慧心阿姨。她是我请过的最专业的最有经验的阿姨。
    Juan Yang
  • Star Confinement Nanny : I would like to thanks Star Nanny for getting me such a great nanny, Auntie Mei Xia for her excellent confinement service. On the day she arrived at my place, she quickly boil red dates water for me, cook soup for my dinner and do all the necessary preparations for dinner, then do a quick check on the things I have and informed me what are the things we needed to get more. Not just that she is able to handle and look after baby well and she really puts all her heart into the job and looks after me and baby well…she very knowledgeable and good in her cooking, able to cook all types of confinement food for me and I love her handmade noodles soup 🙂 today is her last day helping me and I would like to thank her so much as even though is her last day she still helps to ensure everything is ok and prepare double boil chicken soup for me which I just need to heat up tonight to drink it 🙂
    ‎Joanne Teng‎
  • I highly recommend Evelyn. She has been just what we wanted throughout the 2 month confinement service. Her knowledge and skill with babies was very obvious from the start when she helped us with 48hrs on the light bed when our baby had severe jaundice. Our baby was very uncomfortable and Evelyn did a great job, night and day, soothing her. She slotted into our family ethos very well with her relaxed nature. Our 2 year old daughter also really enjoyed having Auntie Evelyn around. Her cooking was just what I wanted as she tailored the recipes to suit my tastes whilst still keeping to the confinement nutrition. She works extremely hard, without complaint, speaks English well and has been great at keeping me on track with the many doctors appointments.
    Thank you Evelyn, we’ll miss you!
    Love from the Gamble family
    Olivia Gamble
  • Hi I’m a mother of 2 and this is the first time I’m using Star Confinement Nanny. My baby came out 2 weeks earlier and I was really blessed that Yu Fang 姐 was available during this period. She is d best nanny that i had come across. Yu Fang is very energetic, friendly, open to feedback and enjoys sharing her knowledge. My family and I had taken a liking to her immediately. Yu Fang always show genuine concern and alertness for the mummy and the baby. She’s a great cook; Love her dishes! What’s more important is that she respects your wishes and is always willing to learn and follow your way of handling the baby and related stuff; this is really lacking in many other senior nannies, who ‘demand’ that you follow their practices. I definitely recommend her and if you are thinking of engaging her better do so earlier as she is real popular.
    Voo Bernice Wu Wenli
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