As parents ourselves, we understand how much it means to have an experienced pair of helping hands and guidance for us. As our newborns does not come with any manual instructions, a lot of times we relied on the experiences of others and learn how to manage by ourselves. A confinement nanny is a newborn specialist who is highly experienced in infant care and postpartum care. They provide 24-hour care for the mommy and baby through a standard period of 28-days or more. They have extensive experience in caring for newborn babies and they’re well versed in each of the aspects necessary to feed, diaper, clothe and care for brand new babies. They will teach new moms how to breastfeed and offer tips to make the nursing process easier and more successful, and will keep logs of your baby’s habits, including eating, sleeping, urinating and defecating. They will also help to establish a routine which you may find it easier to follow on. The confinement nanny will cook nutritious confinement dishes, daily tonic soup to revive the health of the new mother as well as tend to some household chores related to the care of the baby such as washing the baby’s clothes and milk bottles.

A maid is normally hired and trained to do housework, they may be inexperienced in dealing with infant and postpartum care. Maid would not know about our TCM herbs in confinement cooking and the ‘stage 1-4’ of postpartum care.

The majority of confinement nannies have come to STAR CONFINEMENT NANNY through parents’ recommendations. We continually reference check on our nannies throughout their careers, to ensure they perform a high standard – for your piece of mind, and for ours.

Often, dad is a big fan of the idea of a confinement nanny. We believe this is because (frankly) it gives them a bit of their wife back, helps them in overcoming baby blues and brings in a neutral party to help educate and support both mommy and daddy. A confinement nanny takes a tremendous burden off new fathers who may not feel capable of providing the nurturing a new baby and recovering wife needs. If a husband can’t take time off work, he knows that he is not leaving his wife to fend for herself. Some dads (especially of breastfeeding moms) really want to be supportive and involved, but are unsure of how exactly they can best do that – A confinement nanny can gently educate a dad on the different ways they can be involved in the baby’s care.

Especially with a first child, Mommy and Daddy are thrown into a whole new roles and a confinement nanny can act as a gentle and supportive coach to help as they begin to figure things out, without getting stressed-out and affecting the relationship and bonding.

The better postpartum care, the less illness and pain. Getting pregnant is one of the most important moments for a woman in her life. From pregnancy to labor, she needs sufficient nutrition to nurture the fetus. During pregnancy, the mother’s body goes through various adaptive changes to accommodate the development of the baby. These changes include muscle cell hypertrophy and hyperplasia in the uterus, increased cardiac output, increase in the size of the kidneys, thickening of the walls of the uterus, decrease in muscle tonicity, and decrease in intestinal motility. Other parts of the body, such as endocrine system, skin, bones joints and ligaments will also undergo changes. It may also disrupt hormonal balance, hence requiring careful dietary and other behavioral precautions to maintain good health during that period, as well as to prevent water-borne or communicable diseases or common colds, and at the same time, taking care for not injuring the womb or C-section wounds. After childbirth, the speed of these recoveries depends very much on how well the mother was taken care of during her confinement. According to modern medical research, a mother’s reproductive system needs about 6-8 weeks to resume back to its original condition.

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In the view of Chinese medicine, appropriate postpartum care is very important. That is why they say “The better postpartum care, the less illness and pain”. It proves that this idea has been deeply ingrained in Chinese society. The whole confinement period can be divided into four different stages: the first stage is to detox; the second stage is to condition; the third stage is to nourish; and the last stage is to build and maintain. A woman is at her weakest right after child birth, thus it is not advisable to immediately eat tonics or nutritious food. The right way to follow the different stages to restore her health. Confinement diet should be therefore adjusted at each stage to meet the nutritional requirements of the mother.

Stage 1 – The first week after childbirth. * Clears lochia and heals wounds
Stage 2 – The second week after childbirth. *Repairs tissues and conditions internal organs
Stage 3 – The third week after childbirth. *Strengthens physique and nourishes vitality
Stage 4 – The fourth week after childbirth. *Reinforces health, tones the body and beautifies complexion

A woman will lose lots of her strength and wear down her physical function after giving birth. So, she has to recuperate. She must have adequate rest and consume enough nutrients food to restore her health back to the pink. Our specialty Confinement food provides and supplement the essential nutrients that have been lost. It includes getting rid of lochia, appetizers, lactogenic foods and tonic soups.

Our experienced confinement nannies will ensure you have a restful and stress-free confinement period! Happy Mommy, Happy Baby!