Pregnant Dreams

Pregnancy Dreams: An A-Z Guide Are your pregnancy dreams especially vivid (and strange!)? Scroll through our pregnancy dreams guide and decipher what your subconcious is trying to tell you! Mysterious, exceptionally realistic, and sometimes just plain wacky dreams are a common occurrence during pregnancy. In the olden days, many confinement nannies believed that what you dreamt during pregnancy gave valuable

How to interview your confinement nanny

If you’re thinking of following the traditional Singapore Chinese practice of confinement, you might consider hiring a confinement nanny. A confinement nanny is typically a mature woman who has plenty of experience in confinement practices and wisdom to help you recovery quickly from delivery and nourish your body back to full health. With changing times,

Breastmilk boosters!

Is it safe to eat spicy food during breastfeeding? To all the breastfeeding moms. For an ample supply of breast milk, one have to eat nutritious food and may even need to take more calories and protein than average. Because breastfeeding burns calories! *yay* Thats why some mommies can resume their figure very fast by

Confinement Rules – Follow or Not?

Hello everyone! We write this blog just to share some information regarding confinement, confinement period, confinement nanny, confinement food or confinement agency’s knowledge to you. Hoping it will help some mommies and daddies in someway. We’re currently doing a roadshow here at Singapore Expo, Hall 5 – Booth G23! Come and speak to our friendly

Beware These 6 Confinement Myths

During a woman’s confinement, there are bound to be many myths and old wives tales/advices offered by plenty of aunties and relatives. However, one should only heed proper advice given by a certified doctor, or a professional confinement nanny. For example, it is certainly NOT RIGHT to bundle yourself up in a blanket in this

Confinement Nanny

The thoughts of a confinement nanny Being a confinement nanny is not easy, you are in fact being paid one salary for 3 jobs and on mid-night shifts for consecutive 28-days. Newborn is not like adult, able to sleep through the nights, they may wake up several times a nights, for diaper change/night feeds/sleepless etc.

Traditional dietary conditioning and tonification during confinement

Traditional dietary conditioning and tonification during confinement is divided into 4 major periods. Each different period will hav a different objective and different focus on dietary conditioning and tonification to cater to the mother’s body changes and stage of recovery. Focused conditioning and tonification methods during the confinement period aim to secure early recuperation with