At STAR Confinement Nanny, we strives to support Breastfeeding mothers. With loving support from our nannies, it will make your breastfeeding journey so much better! With their vast experiences, they will offer useful lactation tips, counseling and support for the new mother towards a successful breastfeeding journey. Each day, our nannies will cook milk boosting, yummy and nutritious food and soups so as to establish your milk supply.

We also work  closely with Hospital Lactation Consultant Services as well as popular Private Lactation Consultants. You may feel free to call us if you are facing any difficulties in breastfeeding and we will direct you to the right consultant,  AT NO CHARGE,  just our service to you for supporting breastfeeding!

Tips on breastfeeding

Early success – Baby receives small amount of beneficial colostrum for the first few days until the milk comes in, and will need to nurse frequently.

When to feed – Feed on demand. Watch for hunger cues: squirming, rooting, sucking on fist, opening and closing mouth. Don’t wait for baby to cry. Feed at least every 2-3hours (8-12times in 24hours) until a healthy and steady weight gain pattern is established.

Getting Read – Make sure you are comfortable and supported. Tickle baby’s cheek with your nipple and wait for baby’s mouth to open wide. Bring baby onto the breast, making sure baby takes in most, if not all of the areola.

Latching – A good latch is critical. Check that the baby’s lips are pursed out and mouth open wide. As baby sucks, you should feel tugging and not pain. Feed for as long as baby shows interest and is actively nursing. When activity slows, offer the other breast.

Positions of breastfeeding : Cradle, cross cradle, football, side lying, laid-back, support yourself in any direction.

Nanny’s tips: Too rapid a milk flow may cause baby to choke and refuse the breast. Either express some milk first from the breast to release the pressure before putting baby on, or posture-feed for the first few minutes, lying on your back, with baby on top of you.

Nanny’s Tips on how you boost your supply naturally!

  1. Nurse, nurse, nurse!!!! Breast milk is supply and demand, the more you feed the more you make, so put those sweet babies to work 🙂
  2. Add in a pump session or two (same concept as above) Get a electric pump. (don’t forget to massage your breast prior to pumping and use head compresses if necessary)
  3. Drink to thirst (no need to drown yourself, just keep hydrated!)
  4. Fenugreek, mother’s milk tea, brewers yeast. Eat oatmeal daily (Rolled oatmeal, instant oatmeal won’t work)
  5. Get enough rest (even when you’re not tired, just rest whenever possible)
  6. Relax! (stress can affect your supply)
  7. Bottoms up to every drop of our nanny’s homemade nutritious soup (papaya fish soup, black bean soup, lotus root soup etc)

Food for increase breast milk