Company Profile

An Award Winning Agency for Best Service For Confinement Nannies 2018

Established since 2013. We are a licensed Singapore confinement nanny agency EA16C8295 approved by Ministry of Manpower  STAR Confinement Nanny has been growing steadily in the past years to become one of the major players in the industry.

About us

We specialized in providing quality confinement nannies to post-natal moms and newborns. Our confinement nannies are the modern nannies who are equipped with at least 5 years – 10 years of skills set and full experiences. As such, they are excellent in doing both traditional confinement practices and modern confinement practices for moms and caring for newborns. (Yesss! Our nannies allowed bathing!) Our team of confinement ladies comes with “tried & tested”  by new mommies for their own confinement, given the two thumbs up and would gladly highly recommend the nanny to others. (Just pop over to our facebook to read about  their raving reviews!)

All our nannies are selected based on good working records, cleared our reference checks and a MUST to possess good attitude. Our nannies are supportive of breastfeeding (Able to guide new mothers on breastfeeding) and practices good hygiene is our top priority. We remain stringent with our quality of nannies thus we so do not hesitate to blacklist those who had dropped in their performance.

Our team of confinement nannies are can speak fluent Mandarin, English, Hokkien, Hakka, Cantonese, Teochew, Malay and even Japanese! Our team of nannies’ average age range from youngest 35 years old to 62 years old, physically able and fit individuals. (Some can still run a marathon!) Their names may not be Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsey, but they sure can be your home-style Michelin chef! All your home cooked confinement dishes made with love! Perfectly prepared for your nourishment, healthy fresh ingredients, freshly prepared for your confinement meals at the comfort of your own home. (Confinement dishes for your viewing pleasures, bon appétit!)

Our nannies are very experienced in handling newborns, pre-mature newborns  and twins confinement. Nannies are also counselors to moms who are having baby blues, thus confinement nannies are here to help, take away the new parents stress of handling their newborn while letting her rest and recuperate.

We always believed in a client-relationship. We understand clients needs as we match the nannies to clients requirements exclusively. To us, a satisfied customer is a walking advertisement and we strongly believe in word-of mouth referral!

Vision, Mission & Values

We seek to become a one of the best confinement agency in Singapore. We grow from a solid foundation and constantly seek opportunities to grow & expand.

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred confinement nanny agency in Singapore and the region, and to be recognized as the Employer of Choice. 

Our Mission

To consistently improve and deliver excellent quality and reliable services with integrity, to our valued clients, by our company and our team of competent and qualified nannies.

Our Values

Honesty, Integrity, Quality. We are dedicated to match the most suitable confinement nanny to help new parents with their newborn. And we are always here to ease your stress. 

Our services include:

  • Facilitating of client’s requests at a place of their convenience.
  • Liaising and arranging/sending nanny to client’s residence.
  • Liaising with MOM and ICA for work permit and legal work documents approval for nanny.
  • Arrival of nanny to your doorstep is guaranteed regardless of delivery date.
  • Doing extension and replacement of nanny when necessary.
  • Providing assistance and support whenever we can.

While services from our nanny include:

  • 24-hours baby and mommy care
  • Cooking of delicious confinement food and brewing of daily nourishing tonics for mommy. Cooking of meals for daddy too
  • Preparation of herbal bath for mommy and bathing for baby
  • Laundry care for baby and mommy
  • Umbilical cord care | Jaundice care | Colic care
  • Support breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Clean and sterilize bottles when not breastfeeding
  • Keep a log of feedings and diaper change
  • Establish a feeding and sleeping schedule for babies
  • Sweeping/mopping of the floor and groceries shopping can be done if necessary
  • Laundry and cooking for the rest of the family members can be arranged if required
  • Organised and maintenance of nursery