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Is it safe to eat spicy food during breastfeeding?

To all the breastfeeding moms. For an ample supply of breast milk, one have to eat nutritious food and may even need to take more calories and protein than average. Because breastfeeding burns calories! *yay* Thats why some mommies can resume their figure very fast by breastfeeding their babies.

However, there are some food that are unsuitable (said so by our confinement nanny) while breastfeeding.

  1. Hot spicy stuffs. Try not to eat food like chili, alcohol, tea or coffee because these stimulants will enter the baby’s bloodstream via breastmilk.
  2. Some food are to be omitted from your diet such as Chives, malt (anything that contains malt/barley, like horlicks, barley tea), Ginseng. Because these food will decrease breast milk.
  3. Fruits that are “cooling” by nature such as honeydew, watermelon, pear, peach, orange.. Try to minimize these fruits intake as they will cause baby to bloat up.

Get plenty of rest as well as hydrate yourself well. That is why confinement nanny take care of newborn 24-hours, so that mommy can rest well and focus on building up her milk supply. Eat well, sleep well and pump well.

Lactation cookies:  













The top worry that mothers have while breastfeeding is whether they are producing enough milk for their growing bub. If you feel that your supply might be running low, give lactation cookies a go. Baked with ingredients that help boost milk production, they double up as a tasty treat for mums. Get your dose of milk-producing cookies from these local lactation bakers to aid you on your breastfeeding journey. While there are so many brand of lactation cookies out there, from A – Z.. Which one to buy from? And so we went on a tasting spree… some are too chewy, some are just lacking in taste, some are too soft…. until we came across one baker called “The Little Darling Lactation Cookies” This gotta be one of the best for now. It is just perfect. Crispy, fresh ingredients, you can taste the delicious oats and real chocolates that is.. so addictive. Gosh I swear I could feel the fireworks in my mouth! Seriously, this could even double up as a healthy snack. It is even more addictive than “Salted Egg Potato Chips” to be really honest! They are only selling at $7.00 from 100g onwards.

P.S. Don’t need to quote STAR Confinement Nanny because you won’t get any discount as this is not a sponsored post, it is just an honest feedback from an honest consumer. Hohoho.

Interestingly, they also selling Lactation Booster Overnight Oat.

Lactation Booster Overnight Oat Daily Pack
>> Easy Breakfast
>> Time Saving
>> Soak them with Fresh Milk (Cold), store in the fridge at night, next morning Ready to be Consume

We have yet to try this but lt looks really delicious, and it is said to aid mother’s milk too. For all the nutrients inside, I am sure this will be gold milk! *However, if you’re doing confinement, try to abstain from eating cold stuffs as Chinese believe, this will introduce a lot of wind in your body. Try to warm up a little, and it will benefit greatly.

Alternatively, you may try ordering fenugreek to boost milk supply. There are also a few herbs that will boost mother’s milk.

For of course, the most popular papaya fish soup. We also learnt from our Confinement nanny that is a *secret* to it’s sweet milky color. If you doesn’t know this secret, then you would been wasting your time making fishy tasting soup.  Confinement Nanny have secret to cooking, just like their years of experiences in taking care of newborns, they have years of cooking confinement food.

And confinement nanny will make a lot of confinement soup during your confinement period. You can try to ask them for the recipes. Be sure to note it down!

Do you have any questions for us? Or any recipes you would like us to share? Or anything you want to ask us about confinement, feel free to comment! 🙂



A reader asked us, how to do work permit for confinement nanny?

So we’ll now talk about how to extension confinement nanny work permit.

First, you must do it at least 14-days in advance. To apply for nanny’s work permit, you can go to Ministry of Manpower.

To extend confinement nanny’s work permit, you will need to login to your SINGPASS and click extend worker’s work permit.

NEXT, go to isubmit and fill in your particulars, select option 5 and asked for extension of nanny’s social visit pass. Usually it is 30 days and if you wish to extend beyond that, you MUST extend the social visit pass too.

And then wait for MOM’s reply. When nanny’s goes home, remember to give her the print out of her work permit and her letter of extension of visit.







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