Confinement Rules – Follow or Not?

Hello everyone! We write this blog just to share some information regarding confinement, confinement period, confinement nanny, confinement food or confinement agency’s knowledge to you. Hoping it will help some mommies and daddies in someway.

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We can’t help but notice there are a few mommies, wearing sleeveless, shorts and slippers, bringing their less than a month old baby out. Being in this confinement industry, definitely we were shocked. As the confinement rules goes – confinement period? Well to be honest, YES and NO. Being at home, a confinement nanny is able to take care of you, cooking nutritious meals and brewing herbal tonics for you to recuperate on your health. Of course we understand, sometimes there is a need to go out to buy things, some did not engage confinement nanny’s help etc. However, do keep yourself warm.. You certainly do not need to cover up like a dumpling, but there are some points you need to take note of, particularly your top of the head, hands, back, stomach, neck and feet. This is where the “wind” will enter. If one having low immunity, she may even catch a cold during the confinement period. So if you must go out, especially to a strong aircon place like Singapore Expo, please cover these points. And unless you really need to dash for these sales, try not to go to crowded places like this, especially with your newborn baby. This is because newborn still have low immunity and with crowded places like this, it is easy to catch a virus. So steer clear of these places as much as possible. And fair enough, if you are feeling really bored during your confinement, you can go out, but we encourage you to go to places like the garden or park, where there is fewer people and no air pollution. A few places we would recommend to confinement mommies : Botanic Garden, Garden By the Way, Marina Barrage etc. These are places where you can stroll along and feel relaxed. Remember, confinement doesn’t have to be bored! But just remember to wear enough to keep the vital points warm! 🙂

What happens if you catch a chill during your confinement period? You may want to see a doctor and ask for breastfeeding safe medication. However, some traditional confinement nannies may offer a “a special  drink” called “Wild chicken wine” 毛鸡酒 – Seriously. It is uncommon in Singapore but quite common in Malaysia. It is said to relieve chills effectively. But the method of preparation is questionable because it is home-made and a cruel method which includes drowning the poor chicken in alcohol and the soaking in entirely into the wine bottle. OMG!

Many mommies do not like “naggy” confinement nannies because they felt that they had read in a book that it is not true. Debunk the confinement myths! What the confinement nannies can say is. For the entire 28-days, it is their responsibility to take good care of you. It is their duty to look after you, like a daughter or like a princess, such that if you caught any cold or feel unwell during this period, they will bad about it. Thus they can appear to be “naggy” because they want the best for you.

Some mommies may be more westernized because the westerners doesn’t have or don’t do confinement unlike we Chinese. That is because our body constitution is different. And definitely our diets are different. Our genes are different too. But believe it or not, confinement really helps! It can build up a weak body constitution into a stronger one. A confinement nanny once told us, that if a mommy used to have headaches, after a good confinement, she no longer suffers from painful headaches! And one mommy who used to suffer from cold hands and feets, after a good confinement period, her hands and feets are mostly warm now. And she doesn’t catch a cold as easily as before.

Of course, some confinement rules you can do without, some you just have to follow. But do make sure you have a good confinement meals. It not only helps to boost your health and also your breastmilk!

Have a happy and enjoyable confinement period! 🙂

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