Confinement Agency VS Freelance Nannies

Today, we are going to discuss about the risks of hiring freelance nannies without confinement agency because it has come to our attention that some very notorious freelance nannies are cheating unsuspecting mommies and spoiling the good name and image of many other good confinement ladies and agencies. Not all that, it also gave the poor mommies a lot of undue stress and anxieties.

You see, if you compare using the services of a good confinement agency, you’re actually saving yourself a lot of monies and worries. Let us explain why.

First, you go through a list of licensed confinement nanny agencies and choose the confinement nanny agency you wish to hire the nanny from. Confinement agency have a large team of confinement nannies so you will be assured that there is definitely no “no-show”. Confinement agency definitely can guarantee you there will be a nanny on the day you’re discharged to help take care of you and newborn.

Second, confinement agencies are required to register with Ministry of Manpower to obtain a license so as to operate as employment agency. You can search for here Licensed confinement agencies will have to abide by MOM’s rules and regulations. Which also act as a safeguard for consumer’s interests. Freelance nannies or even unlicensed agents don’t have to follow rules, or can even play foul when deal sours. They may even dissuade customers from applying work permit for nannies as this would help “save costs”. It is illegal for a confinement nanny to work on a social visit pass. Employer will face a hefty fine and the confinement nanny will be fined and banned from coming into Singapore.

Third, If you use a freelance nannies, what happens if she last minute couldn’t turn up on your expected delivery or should you give birth earlier than expected? There are MANY cases of freelance confinement nannies disappearing after accepting deposits. There was no contract nor any proof that you be hiring her, unlike confinement agency where we have a valid contract and we will be responsible for our nannies.

Some will refer to their friend since they couldn’t do the job, and you as a customer, will be left worrying because you can’t get your deposit back from the freelance nanny and second, you’ll be worried if the friend is even qualified to be a confinement nanny. But since deposit is being paid to the freelance many, you have no choice but to follow suit. It’s a big risk because you don’t know who the freelance nanny will refer you. Unlike confinement agency, we QC our confinement nannies ensuring the standards of good character, good attitude and good experience.

A few classic examples:

Such is an example, Parent A booked and paid a deposit for Freelance Nanny B (whom she engaged through a friend’s recommendations). And one month before her EDD, Freelance Nanny B called her and said she couldn’t come as she is sick, and referred her friend Freelance Nanny C to do the confinement. Parent A has already paid Freelance Nanny B a deposit of $1000 (which the freelance nanny said is not refundable) and not wanting to lose her deposit, Parent A has no choice but to agreed and follow suit. This also left Parent A feeling perplexed and anxious as there will be a lot of “what if’s” about the nanny on her mind. This is totally undue stress caused to the new mother.

Another example,  Parent B booked Freelance Nanny D, and Freelance Nanny D couldn’t do it and referred her friend, Freelance Nanny E. After 10 days of confinement,  Parent B couldn’t take it anymore as he said he and his wife are always the one waking up at night to feed the baby as nanny wouldn’t do it. And he only slept for 2 hours everyday before going to work in the morning. This has also caused his wife to suffered from poor health and back pain. Parent B also said Freelance Nanny E did not cook any vegetables dishes as she said traditional confinement dishes do not have vegetables!? And they were eating the same food for everyday. Finally Parent B decided enough is enough and want her to leave his house immediately. Freelance Nanny E  refused to leave and demanded the full payment even though she only worked for 10-days. She even called for ‘back-up’ and speak to the distressed mommy. So Parent B have no choice but to give in to her demands, because he didn’t want anymore trouble as he is already depressed enough.

One more example, Parent C booked Freelance Nanny F and being first time parents, there are many things they were not aware. Freelance Nanny F demanded she must have this and that, every meal she (the nanny herself) only eat fish (the expensive type), only sleep in aircon room, she don’t do housework etc. Long story short, the baby have jaundice so he must be fed every 2-3 hours, and Freelance Nanny F continues to sleep throughout the night without feeding the baby. So Parent C has to do all the waking up at nights to feed the baby, this caused her to have poor rest and affect her milk supply.

A nanny’s jobscope is 24-hours taking care of newborn, which means the baby will sleep with the nanny and nanny will do all the day and night feeds, this is to ensure the new mommy have a complete rest. If insufficient rest, this may affect the milk supply and negative emotions (which may cause post-natal depression).

As a reputable Confinement agency, we have QUALITY AND REPUTATION to maintain. So we can’t just give you any Tom, Dick or Harry to do confinement for you. Our nannies need to be “QC-ed”. Which means besides having good experience, she must also possess good attitude, easy going and accommodating. Every customer and every nanny is different. Therefore, we do exclusive matching in our STAR Confinement Nanny Agency. Which we will match you accordingly to the most suitable nanny and make sure she is compatible before sending her to work for you. This will therefore reduces the chances of ‘replacement’ due to mis-match. 

Of course there are good sheeps and bad sheeps everywhere. We also have encountered nice freelance confinement nannies, but a portion of black sheeps are enough to give the industry a bad name. Which is why, we also kept our own log of Blacklisted Confinement Nannies, which we will never use them for any of our customers! 

If you are hiring a freelance nanny, please take note of the following:

  1. Where do you get the referral from? Note: Unless it is a personal friend whom have engaged the nanny before, so please don’t read too much of a forum recommendations of their personal Confinement Lady. 
  2. List down the jobscope the nanny will be doing.
  3. Indicate the price and other “hidden costs” if any.
  4. Ask for a receipt if you paid deposit to the nanny and any refunds should anything happens.
  5. Ask for a copy of her passport.
  6. Ask for all her contact numbers in case you give birth early.
  7. Ask what will happen if you run into a conflict with her.
  8. Ask what are the pro-rated if you find her unsuitable.
  9. Ask for references (if any)
  10. Apply for a work permit is a must!

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