Getting The Right Confinement Nanny

It is naturally understandable many of us will have some kind of doubts when choosing a reliable agency for our needs. Just like choosing a reliable and committed tuition teacher for your kid, or even a house maid for your household, or even a confinement nanny – we need someone whom we can trust and rely on for taking care of us and our family.

So what happens when it comes to choosing the RIGHT confinement nanny agency?

Firstly, at STAR Confinement Nanny, we focus on getting the right talents. Our confinement nannies were trained with adequate knowledge and have gained at least 5 years of experiences as a confinement nanny, we also made sure they are of someone with good attitude, good hygiene and support breastfeeding . Nobody wants a nanny with bossy attitude or with bad habits, so at STAR Confinement Nanny, we eliminate these bad traits before selecting them into our STAR Team Nannies and then matching them with your specific requirements before sending them to you.

Everyone is super afraid of bad confinement ladies because after all, you have paid a premium in getting good help and you do want to have a good experience, not a nightmare. And we have been in this industry for sometime to know who are the black sheeps and we will never use them for our customers. We have our fair share of dealing with bad confinement nannies and thus we have keep a little black book called –

Blacklisted Confinement Nannies!

Inside are the names of the confinement nannies whom we have blacklisted and we’ll never use them again. We are particularly strict on code of conduct. Confinement nannies who don’t turn up last minute, confinement nannies who are choosy in their work (this cannot, that cannot, everything also cannot?!) Under-qualified confinement nannies with not much experiences, bad attitudes confinement nannies – we have seen it all. Most customers who engaged in freelance confinement nannies – the percentage in getting one such nanny is higher than getting from agency’s. If your freelance nanny walked out on you suddenly, or when they have something urgent cropped up at home which requires them to leave immediately, what happen next is – you’ll be left in the lurch without any help. As a licensed agency, we have to follow MOM’s law and regulations, we have to maintain our reputation well. Some freelance nannies will tell customers, they don’t need any work permit so customers can save on work permit application & government levy. But do you know the consequences of engaging a confinement nanny without a valid work permit?


For illegally deploying an FDW, the penalty is a fine of up to $10,000. Convicted employers may also be banned from employing FDWsFor employing an FDW without a valid Work Permit, the penalty is a fine between $5,000 and $30,000, or imprisonment for up to 1 year, or both. For subsequent convictions, offenders face mandatory imprisonment.

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How is STAR Confinement Nanny different?

Our nannies are quality nannies whom we have picked to join us. They have at least 5 years of experience, good cooking skills, good attitude and are easy going. They must be classify as ‘Good confinement nannies’ so that they can continue to work with us, thus we often have feedback with customers on how their experiences.

We provide a listening ear for our customers, we listen and understand their needs so as to do a customised matching for our customers. We put ourselves in customers’ shoes. Would we want such a nanny to do confinement for us? Is this nanny suitable enough? Some customers may requires an English speaking nanny or some customers may requires a Cantonese speaking nanny. Some customers may also request for nanny to be cheerful so as to bond with their older family members, or some customers prefer a quiet-natured nanny. We will match accordingly to customers’ preferences so as to lessen the chance of doing a replacement. We always encourage our nannies and customers to have a good communication. With good communication, it will build good relationships and meet expectations. We aim to create a lasting relationship with our customers, to become their trustworthy friend. We want customers to have good experience with us, after all, this is a time where you will be treated like a Queen. 🙂

We look forward to pampering you soon! 

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