Confinement and Its Benefits

Pregnancy and childbirth weaken a new mother. The nutrition sharing during pregnancy, the physiological changes of a mother’s body during pregnancy and the loss of blood during childbirth are some of the main concern area.

Confinements are designed to recondition the body to deal with Qi and blood deficiencies, restore endocrine functions, loosen muscle tension, and promote the recovery of the reproductive system.

Confinement practices are still a common practice, especially among Asians. Confinement practices are important as part of the recovery, recuperation, revitalization and rejuvenation of new mothers.


Promote Blood Flow

More often than not, childbirth causes blood clots and muscle tension. Consuming warming foods help to regulate, promote and restore blood flow and Qi in new mothers. Improved blood circulation encourages a speedy recovery from childbirth.

Prevents Post-natal Depression

Post-natal depression must be taken seriously. Fatigue itself may cause depression. On top of that, a new baby, hormonal imbalance, the lack of sleep, back pain, improper uterine function, wound healing may lead to depression.

 Restore Uterine Function 

Childbirth cases the uterine function to go haywire. On top of that, it will cause swelling and blood loss. Confinement helps to promote blood flow and tonics help to regulate uterine function.

Prevent Lower Back Pain

In preparation for childbirth, our lower back muscle will loosen to ease the baby’s descend through the body. This and the possibility of a forceful childbirth, are some of the reasons a mother’s body take time to regulate and recuperate loosened joints, in which, during this gap period, mothers are subjected to lower back pain.


Breastfeeding is a natural process. However, there are also some obstacles. Proper confinement helps to boost breast milk, clear ducts and prevent mothers from catching cold or feeling fatigue.

Radiant Complexion

One of the way to see if confinement does you well is in your skin tone. A mother who has gone through proper confinement would have radiant skin. 

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