Confinement Nanny

The thoughts of a confinement nanny Being a confinement nanny is not easy, you are in fact being paid one salary for 3 jobs and on mid-night shifts for consecutive 28-days. Newborn is not like adult, able to sleep through the nights, they may wake up several times a nights, for diaper change/night feeds/sleepless etc.

Traditional dietary conditioning and tonification during confinement

Traditional dietary conditioning and tonification during confinement is divided into 4 major periods. Each different period will hav a different objective and different focus on dietary conditioning and tonification to cater to the mother’s body changes and stage of recovery. Focused conditioning and tonification methods during the confinement period aim to secure early recuperation with

Daily care during confinement

While most modern women follow the traditional herbs prescriptions in the confinement diet, they get confused when it comes to some of the restrictions on daily life stipulated in traditional confinement practices. However, as long as the rationale for these traditional practices is understood, they can make adjustments in line with today’s modern lifestyle while enjoying

Post Natal Depression

What exactly is PND (Post-Natal Depression) and PNB (Post Natal Blues) ? Giving birth to a new birth is a very happy for all mothers, however, some of the mommies may develop PND after the birth of the baby. Post Natal Depression is quite common and it can happen to anyone, just like a flu. But

Confinement Nanny Secret Recipes

Thanks to Confinement Nanny Wat Lew for sharing this amazing tea! This is a traditional confinement drink called – Rice Tea. It is usually made for mommies who have a “heaty” body constitution in replacement of the Red Date Tea. Or suitable for breastfeeding mommies whose babies have very high jaundice.   Methods Wash and dry

Confinement and Its Benefits

Pregnancy and childbirth weaken a new mother. The nutrition sharing during pregnancy, the physiological changes of a mother’s body during pregnancy and the loss of blood during childbirth are some of the main concern area. Confinements are designed to recondition the body to deal with Qi and blood deficiencies, restore endocrine functions, loosen muscle tension,